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the new shougang high-end industry comprehensive service park is named after the positioning of developing the old industrial park following the suspension of the shougang group’s main steel-making process. located just 18 km from tiananmen in the westernmost part of chang’an avenue, the park covers an area of 8.63 km2. as the only area that allows large-scale and closely-grouped development, the park joins hands with ertong park, shoutegang park and part of fengtai and mentougou to constitute a collaborative development area which covers a total area of 22.3 km2.

    the park has high accessibility. specifically, it is connected to beijing’s expressway system through fushi road, lianshi road, the 5th ring road and the 6th ring road, and closely linked to the central urban area of beijing through metro lines 1, s1, r1 (planned) and m11 (planned). in addition, the west extension of chang’an avenue will run through it. located next to yongding river, beijing’s ‘mother river’, and backed by the xishan mountains, the park is beautiful with unique scenery. enjoying a view of such industrial and natural landscapes as shijing mountain, qunming lake, xiu pool and blast furnaces, the park has been rated as a ‘green ecology demonstration base of beijing’.

    located in the area made up of the 16 parks of zhongguancun, the park features the world’s strongest innovation factors, as well as an incomparable natural environment, historical deposits, cultural charm and modernity. in order to accelerate the development of the park, the beijing municipal government established the ‘leading group for the development of the new shougang high-end industry comprehensive service park’. in 2012, the beijing municipal government gave an official reply to the controlled and detailed plan of the new shougang high-end industry comprehensive service park. the park is eligible for the national preferential policies of the pilot movement and reconstruction of old industrial parks in urban areas, comprehensive service reform pilot areas, sustainable development pilot areas and zhongguancun science park. under the guiding principle of the central urban work conference and the principle of ‘aggregate control, structural optimization, green priority, replacement-based development, step-by-step implementation, focused breakthrough’, the park is being built as a real practitioner of new development concepts, a guider of transformation and upgrading, and a model of realizing the beijing’s urban strategic positioning and economic and urban development planning as a whole. on this basis, the park will become an important engine for implementing the strategy of beijing-tianjin-hebei collaborative development and driving regional development, a world-class harmony & livability demonstration base and one of the capital’s supporting platforms and most vigorous areas of innovation-driven development.

    at present, the park has entered the stage of all-round development. the urban style study conducted under the leadership of cas fellows has made world-class achievements. the formal entry of the organizing committee of the 2022 olympic winter games has significantly improved the grade of the park. in 2017, the reconstruction of the office area for the organizing committee of the 2022 olympic winter games, as well as the training venues for speed skating and ice hockey, will be fully completed, and the construction of the large hill for the 2022 olympic winter games will be commenced. attributed to this, the park will be a model of developing olympic sports in cities, reusing world heritage sites and revitalizing industrial parks. its infrastructure construction has been fully commenced and 16 infrastructure projects have been included in the green approval channel of the beijing municipal government. the shougang section of the west extension of chang’an avenue is ready to open. while liangshuichi east road has been built up as a splendid landscape of the park, such industrial relics utilization and eco-environmental improvement projects as shougang industrial relics park and shijingshan landscape park are being implemented smoothly. furthermore, high-grade, precision and advanced projects are continuously gathering in the park. in particular, the world overseas chinese innovation center has settled there, and the shougang climate positive project has been formally included in the c40 climate positive development program, making it china’s first and the world’s 19th climate positive development project.

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