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shougang mining corporation puts 100 mw photovoltaic power generation project online

release time:2024-03-28 15:20:44

recently, the shougang mining corporation ("mining corporation") put its 100 mw photovoltaic power generation project online. as a clean energy demonstration project for mine treatment, it marks a solid step in the green and low-carbon development of the mining corporation.

in recent years, the mining corporation has deeply practiced green development, fully implemented the primary responsibility of enterprises, coordinated resource development and ecological protection, and focused on developing new green industries. this project uses nearly 3,000 mu (200 hectares) of idle land in the yinzhuang tailings reservoir of shuichang iron mine and adopts the "photovoltaic ecological restoration" mode to realize "power generation above and sand fixation below"; the project has a construction capacity of 100 mw and is equipped with more than 220,000 550wp monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules and 32 photovoltaic arrays, with an annual average power generation of 155 million kwh, which can save 46,800 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions by 31,200 tons and 1,280 tons per year respectively, achieving remarkable economic, environmental and social benefits.

it is reported that the mining corporation actively fulfilled the owner's responsibility, set up a special work class led by the leading officials of the company, organized coordination meetings on a weekly basis, optimized the design and provided all-round services for the project’s construction with concentrated attention since its construction officially started in june 2023. it took 6 months from the start of construction to going online, creating a new speed record in photovoltaic power generation project construction and becoming a new business card for the mining corporation as it moves forward into a greener future.

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