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three shougang jingtang inspection standards assessed as reaching international advanced level

release time:2024-03-28 15:18:08

recently, two industry standards, determination of content of calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide and calcium fluoride in calcium-based desulfurizer for pretreatment of hot metal in steelmaking using wavelength-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy and determination of content of silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, aluminum oxide, titanium dioxide, potassium oxide, sodium oxide, ferric oxide and phosphorus pentoxide in bentonite for metallurgy using wavelength-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy, which were formulated by shougang jingtang united iron and steel co., ltd. ("shougang jingtang"), received the approval of the metallurgical and nonmetallic mineral product technical sub-committee of the national steel standardization technical committee; and the revised national standard, determination of content of aluminum in ferroniobium using edta titration method, was approved by the chemical technical sub-committee of the national standardization technical committee for pig iron and ferroalloys. all three standards have been rated as reaching the international advanced level by experts, further enhancing the industry influence of shougang jingtang's quality inspection.

in recent years, shougang jingtang has attached great importance to standardization, taking the formulation and revision of inspection and testing standards as the strategic goal for promoting a leap forward in its inspection ability, strengthening standardization construction, accumulating technological advantages and establishing a benchmarking image in the industry. by the end of 2023, its quality inspection and supervision department had participated in and presided over the revision of 13 inspection and testing standards covering raw and supplemental materials, mechanics and other fields, becoming an important guarantee for improving the inspection ability and promoting the high-quality development of inspection and testing.


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