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shuigang steel contributes to "world's tallest bridge" in huajiang canyon

release time:2024-03-20 08:15:48

recently, all the main towers of huajiang canyon bridge in guizhou province, which is known as the "world's tallest bridge", were successfully capped. "the designed steel consumption of huajiang canyon bridge is 49,000 tons, and 40,000 tons have been used so far, of which nearly 30,000 tons were supplied by shougang shuicheng iron & steel (group) co., ltd. (shuigang). this accounts for approximately 75% of the total steel consumption. in addition to the capped no. 5 and no. 6 main towers, shuigang steel will be used in the bridge deck pavement and pouring project...", said xu gang, a salesman of the shuigang sales branch, as he overflowed with joy, excitement and pride.

in recent years, taking advantage of transportation infrastructure construction in guizhou province, shuigang has benchmarked its performance against that of leading enterprises in the industry and actively developed the local market for its products. its anti-seismic screw-thread steel products have been widely used in the construction of large-scale bridge projects such as beipanjiang bridge, yachi river bridge, baling river bridge and egongyan bridge, as well as large-scale key projects such as anshun-liupanshui railway, huaxi-anshun expressway, duyun-anshun expressway and guiyang metro line 3. shuigang has established a good reputation for its products.

at the end of 2020, the guizhou provincial development and reform commission approved the guizhou communications construction group to undertake the construction of liuzhi-anlong expressway. shuigang became involved early and took proactive measures. it strengthened information communication with guizhou communications construction, closely monitored and followed up on the progress of the application for the construction of the liuzhi-anlong expressway project in a timely manner, and actively prepared for the sales of products for the project. in 2021, by strengthening terminal sales and independent bidding, shuigang successfully entered the project and directly supplied products to the construction site, becoming an important partner.

huajiang canyon bridge, the main control project on liuzhi-anlong expressway, is located in huajiang town, guanling county, anshun city, guizhou province, spanning the remote mountains and canyon between guanling county in anshun city and zhenfeng county in southwest guizhou autonomous prefecture. with a main bridge span of 1,420 meters and a height from deck to water surface of 625 m, this huge steel truss suspension bridge will set a new record to become the world's tallest bridge. located in the transitional slope zone from the yunnan-guizhou plateau to the guangxi hills, the huajiang canyon area features high mountains, deep valleys, steep terrain and complex geological structures. huajiang canyon experiences rapid changes in wind speed, humidity and temperature. the pile foundations of the main towers are situated in highly and moderately weathered rock strata containing pore-fissure water and karst water. therefore, extremely strict requirements are placed on the quality of the steel products.

as a "large direct supplier", shuigang always prioritizes the quality requirements of the project and the needs of the customer. it set up the huajiang canyon bridge project service group, composed of the sales branch, manufacturing management department, steel rolling division and other units, to be responsible for the production organization, quality control, sales and supply of the products required by the project. three people, namely xu gang, wu zhihua and ban tao, were sent from the sales branch to take charge of tracking, coordination and services at the project site, and make every effort to provide all-round service support throughout the entire process and chain for the construction of huajiang canyon bridge.

the hrb500e anti-seismic steel bars of φ 36 mm and φ 40 mm supplied by shuigang for the construction of the main tower pier foundation piles of huajiang canyon bridge are made of large-sized screw-thread steel which requires high anti-seismic performance. due to the extremely tight supply schedule, new and higher requirements were proposed for the product' s composition design, rolling process and production organization mode adjustment. with the support of the shougang group, shuigang fully utilized its advantages in the production technology reserves of high-strength hot-rolled ribbed and anti-seismic steel bars, and adjusted the production organization plan in time. all departments including production, technology and sales made joint concerted efforts to ensure the on-time delivery of 10,000 tons of φ 36 mm and φ 40 mm hrb500e high-strength steel bars with quality and quantity assured. this has laid a solid foundation for the timely completion of the main tower pier foundation piles of huajiang canyon bridge.

at the same time, shuigang's project management service personnel vigorously carried forward the spirit of "trying every means, persevering through challenges, communicating effectively and overcoming obstacles". they participated in every logistics delivery, including accompanying the vehicles and counting and delivering the goods. they also visited the project sites from time to time to track the construction progress, gather customer feedback on requirements, settle product sales figures and coordinate after-sales services. furthermore, they conscientiously summarized their practice and experience in the provision of service support for previous national and provincial key and landmark projects. prior to construction, they collaborated with project engineering laboratories to conduct product sampling experiments, data statistical analysis, etc. at various stages of the work, thereby preventing any discrepancies or differences caused by such factors as sampling methods, inspection equipment and testing methods, and achieving the goal of "zero objections" to product quality in the construction process.

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