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beijing shougang co., ltd. creates “smart energy” with technological innovation

release time:2024-03-13 15:11:57

the energy department of beijing shougang co., ltd. earnestly studies and implements the spirit of the group’s exchange meeting on “innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship”, and deeply understands the great significance of promoting technological innovation to become shougang’s first competitiveness. in the context of the national implementation of the “dual carbon” goals, the key to maintaining the high-quality development of the energy system lies in the mutual integration and support of technological innovation and management innovation, creating smart energy to adapt to the continuous changes and challenges of the market.

the energy department strengthens the leadership of technological innovation. the energy department continuously strengthens its technological innovation and equipment upgrading and transformation, as well as strengthening process improvement in daily production, technological r&d and achievement transformation to ensure the safety and stability of energy system production.

the air compressor station no. 7, which was newly put into operation in march of this year, adopts high-efficiency centrifugal air compressors and energy-saving rotary drum compression heat dryers to achieve zero gas consumption, and the use of the main pipe system greatly improves the process efficiency. it was awarded “first-class energy efficiency compressed air station” by the china general machinery industry association, becoming the first air compressor station in the national steel industry to meet the first-class energy efficiency standard. in august of this year, after achieving remote centralized control in oxygen production, the energy department further determined intelligent projects such as the centralized control of the air supply console, centralized control of water treatment, centralized control of the combined pumping station, centralized control of generator sets and unmanned operation of the 1580/2160 hot rolling swirl well overhead crane, which put forward higher and more urgent requirements for remote centralized control and intelligent energy construction.

the energy department strengthens green and low-carbon development. the energy department adheres to the principles of extreme low cost, extreme efficiency, benchmarking and reducing differences, and focuses on technological and structural energy conservation, changing the original vertical energy management system and opening up a new situation of horizontal collaborative management.

by introducing clean energy and environmental protection technologies, energy utilization efficiency has been improved and pollutant emissions have been reduced. after the dehumidification project of blast furnace no. 3 was put into operation in june of this year, during the humid rainy season, the moisture content of blast furnace no. 3 was stable at 10 g/m3. this project can effectively reduce co2 emissions and increase annual benefits by more than rmb 8 million, laying a foundation for the further development and application of blast furnace dehumidification technology.

the energy department actively explores circular economy models to achieve the efficient and circular utilization of resources. in the context of the “dual carbon” goals, the energy department actively utilizes surplus coal gas for efficient power generation, playing an exemplary role in the ccpp power generation technology of blast furnace gas while also winning more social and environmental benefits for enterprises. photovoltaic power generation is an important way for beijing shougang co., ltd. to obtain green electricity and build a “photovoltaic steel” green transformation demonstration project. the implementation of this project will help the company to secure new breakthroughs and achievements in the field of green and low carbon energy, and make greater contributions to the implementation of the “dual carbon” goals.

the energy department strengthens the deep integration of technological innovation and management innovation. since the start of the “14th five-year plan”, the energy department has closely followed the transformation and efficiency improvement work of beijing shougang co., ltd., deeply implemented management innovation, continuously improved the talent team construction system and achieved practical results in honing employees’ skills, improving labor efficiency, deepening station integration, centralized and remote control, and unattended operation, and making every effort to build a high-quality and versatile skilled operation talent team.

according to the principle of consistently achieving flat energy management and comprehensively improving management efficiency, the grass-roots institutions have been reset, post functions have been optimized, management levels have been reduced, grass-roots institutions with similar businesses have been adjusted, and station and position integration has been implemented. by building a high-quality talent team of “all-round duty workers”, the innovation of process and equipment has been promoted and accelerated, and the automation level of supporting processes and equipment has been gradually improved, enabling energy production to transform into unattended and intensive operation and information-based and intelligent balanced management and control. since the implementation of “all-round duty workers”, unmanned stations have accounted for 51%.

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