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wonder festival 2023 beijing held in shougang park

release time:2024-01-12 09:22:36

despite the harsh winter weather, fans of figurines and models remained enthusiastic. on december 23rd and 24th, the wonder festival 2023 beijing (wf2023) was held at the shougang convention and exhibition center in beijing, featuring displays of new models, figurines, modelling toys, art toys and other works in exhibition halls 3, 4, 5 and 6. the dazzling array of works left visitors feeling satisfied and fulfilled, making it a worthwhile trip. this was also wf2023 beijing's first offline exhibition.

sponsored by kaiyodo co., ltd., an established japanese model manufacturer (headquartered in kadoma, osaka), the wonder festival is the "world's largest exhibition of figurines and models". when it was founded in 1984, it was sponsored by general products, the first japanese sci-fi store, which is as famous as kaiyodo in osaka (it later became the anime production company gainax which created the social phenomenon-level super-popular tv anime neon genesis evangelion in 1995). the wonder festival has been sponsored by kaiyodo since the summer of 1992, and is now in its 39th year.

more than 40 figurine and model enterprises and more than 270 individual figurine and model exhibitors actively participated in this event, showcasing all their strengths and "treasured collections", and attracting many enthusiasts to stop by and make purchases. many fans lined up around the booths of well-known enterprises to buy their favorite figurines and models. while waiting in line, they took out their mobile phones to snap photos of the exhibits at close range and discussed their experience in buying figurines and models. the venue was crowded yet orderly. individual exhibitors' booths were densely packed, displaying figurines and models in different styles, patiently waiting for the favor of the fans. the atmosphere was relaxed and pleasant, reminiscent of strolling through a small commodity street, which allowed for casual communication between buyers and sellers.

in addition to the exhibition and sales of figurines and models, wf2023 also held official autograph signing sessions. the guests sat in a row with great interest, holding pens to sign autographs for figurine fans. the queue of people waiting for autographs snaked around the activity area near the stage.

mr. lu, head of the kaiyodo booth, said, "we're very satisfied with holding wf2023 in shougang park. the number of visitors has indeed exceeded our expectations. there are a lot of tourists coming to the exhibition. shougang park provides us with a very spacious and professional venue, which not only gives us enough space to display figurines and handicrafts, but also enables us to hold various related activities normally in cold winter. both figurine fans and ordinary tourists have shown great interest in our exhibits, which greatly encourages us."

mr. lu from daxing district, beijing, told reporters excitedly with several figurines and models in his hands, "i like figurines and models very much. i came to shougang park this time to buy the ones i've been looking forward to. i also attended the wf in shanghai last year. in contrast, i feel that the venue here is more spacious, with better lighting and a more immersive atmosphere. the visitors are more orderly and the visiting and shopping experience is quite comfortable. it's unique to hold a figurine exhibition in such an industrial park. i've heard that there will be more sci-fi experience places in shougang park in the future. i think i'll visit shougang park more often to participate in various trendy activities."

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