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​ big air shougang launches snow-making mode

release time:2023-12-07 14:26:21

on november 15th, in preparation for the 2023 fis snowboard and freeski big air world cup, big air shougang launched its “snow-making mode”. nine ice crushers made a rumbling roar as they crushed ice cubes into icy foam, and the staff pushed snow blowers to scatter the snow piles stacked in front of the ice crushers and spread them flat. the floating ice debris in the air drifted into people’s collars, giving them a refreshing feeling.

liu yongliang, a service guarantee staff member at the shougang park sports center, explained, “to achieve the required thickness of snow on the big air track, it is necessary to make about 6,000 m3 of artificial snow foam. the snow-making work should be carried out according to the snow demands of the international secondary shaping experts. in order to ensure the completion of the snow-making and shaping work within the specified time limit, we must always be present at the snow-making site to ensure the normal operation of the power supply and lighting, coordinate various tasks and deal with unexpected problems.”

in order to ensure the smooth progress of snow-making and shaping, the site service support staff of the shougang park sports center have spent more than four months from july this year to the present carrying out renovation, repair and maintenance work on facilities and equipment such as the big air track, regional ground, drainage system, stands, walls, functional rooms and snow rolling vehicles, including the replacement of hydrophobic pads and installation of snow fixing nets and event safety protection nets. at present, the site improvement and construction work has been completed, and the next step will be to ensure the smooth progress of snow-making and shaping on big air.

it is reported that the fis snowboard and freeski big air world cup will be held in shougang park from november 30th to december 2nd this year. this is another large-scale international skiing event undertaken by shougang park after the winter olympics, and it is returning to beijing again after 2019. the fis snowboard and freeski big air world cup is an international a-class event sponsored by the international ski and snowboard federation (fis). in 2017, confirmed by fis, the event was officially upgraded to the fis snowboard and freeski big air world cup. in 2019, the freestyle skiing big air project was added to the event and held at big air shougang, the venue of the beijing winter olympics.

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