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jingtang's mccr production line achieves stable production of ultra-thin strip steel in small batches

release time:2023-11-21 09:41:28

recently, the mccr production line of the jingtang rolling operation department broke through the equipment limitations and successfully and stably rolled 0.8 mm spht1 and 0.9 mm q235b thin strip steel, realizing stable production in small batches. indicators such as shape control, size and roll quality have all reached the expected goals, marking a higher level in the manufacturing capacity of the mccr production line and a solid step forward in the adjustment and optimization of the variety structure and improvement of market competitiveness.

the production of ultra-thin specifications is one of the biggest technical challenges for the mccr production line and a rigorous test of the functional accuracy of the production line equipment, r&d ability of production line professionals and technical level of production operation. the rolling operation department adheres to lean production and integrates "meticulous demand and the pursuit of perfection" throughout all its production processes. in order to further address the shortcomings in the manufacturing capacity of "ultra-thin high-strength" products, the rolling operation department once again integrated its professional forces and improved the organizational structure of its special thin specification team. with the deep participation of the technology center and the strong support of the manufacturing department's production and sales team and shougang marketing center, the rolling operation department held special meetings to study and discuss rolling schemes, repeatedly corrected the rolling process parameters, optimized the equipment accuracy and model accuracy, overcame multiple technical difficulties and ensured that every link in the production process reached the optimal state, thereby providing strong technical support for the stable rolling of ultra-thin specification steel.

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