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at end of month, “snow flying ribbon” ushers in world cup winter olympic champion su yiming to return to “blessed land of double gold medals”

release time:2023-11-10 09:55:03

from november 30th to december 2nd, sponsored by the fis and jointly hosted by the chinese ski association, beijing municipal bureau of sports and shijingshan district people’s government of beijing municipality, the 2023-2024 fis snowboarding and freeski big air world cup will be held at the “snow flying ribbon”, big air shougang. this competition is the first international top-level event to be hosted by big air shougang following the beijing winter olympics. it is estimated that 160 top athletes from all over the world will participate. chinese athlete and winter olympic champion su yiming will return to big air shougang to compete in this world cup.

formerly known as the air style world snowboarding championships, the fis snowboarding and freeski big air world cup is an international a-level sports event sponsored by the fis. in 2019, freestyle skiing was added to air style and the event was upgraded to the world cup. in december 2019, the newly-built big air shougang hosted the event.

at the 2022 winter olympics, chinese athletes shone through at big air shougang. gu ailing feared neither frost nor snow and won gold medals in the women’s free-ski halfpipe and big air. su yiming, a teenager whose olympic debut was a blockbuster, won the gold in the men’s snowboard big air. the wonderful performance of chinese star athletes promoted big air shougang to a world-class must-visit place in the “post-olympic era”, as well as attracting many global media groups to compete for coverage. under its many names, such as “the most beautiful crystal shoes”, “space-time snow flying ribbon”, “industrial disneyland”, “world tourist attraction”, “blessed land of double gold medals” and more, big air shougang enjoys a good reputation in the world.

the design of big air shougang was inspired by the “flying apsaras” in the dunhuang murals, hence the name “snow flying ribbon”. the elegant curves blend in with the landscape of shijingshan, qunming lake, gaoxian park, shangri-la hotel and xinshougang bridge. at night, its profile stands out against qunming lake, just like the “crystal shoes” in fairytales. the meaning of the word “flying” is the same as that of the english expression “big air jump”, namely leaping into the air and flying, and the curve of the flying ribbon is also very consistent with the curve of big air shougang. this venue brings unprecedented freshness and cultural shock, and epitomizes the organic fusion of chinese traditional culture, industrial culture and olympic culture, becoming the golden business card of shougang park’s “cultural revival”.

following the beijing winter olympics, big air shougang, as a precious landmark of winter olympic heritage, has achieved sustainable utilization and successively hosted the gu ailing charity run, su yiming’s “super sports foundation” establishment ceremony, beijing citizen orienteering and cross-country race, the 4th beijing roller skating open, auto brand static exhibitions, spartan hurricane heat, ten-mile race, recording of the “heart to heart” special program of the all-china federation of trade unions, fiba open 3 × 3 basketball open, 2023 beijing culture forum, etc. at the beginning of 2023, big air shougang independently held the “shougang park ice and snow festival” which received 56,000 tourists. after the winter olympics, big air shougang was opened to the public to publicize and promote winter olympic culture and the transformation and development achievements of shougang’s industrial heritage to all sectors of society. in 2023, it received 6,000 tourists and more than 800 teams of various types. the venue operation team is actively creating the shougang model in which winter olympics facilities can be utilized in all seasons, and promoting the “hot economy” with “cold resources”. the “post-winter olympics” will not lose its heat or vitality.

during this event, visitors to shougang park will not only be able to watch top competitions, but also participate in music and lifestyle trend fairs. stunning musical feasts, polar towns with abundant fashion shops, food blocks where food, drink and entertainment converge, and interactive ice and snow sports experiences such as the top ski gear exhibition will cause a new upsurge in ice and snow sports for beijing.

big air shougang is opening its arms to welcome tourists and business cooperation with a new “post-winter olympics” attitude, and will further gather extreme sports trends by hosting international competitions and holding mass events. through concerts, light and shadow shows, new car releases and other recreational and commercial activities, big air shougang will become a new model for the utilization of olympic facilities after the games.

just at the end of this month, big air shougang is waiting for you!

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