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shougang and dongfeng nissan launch several joint projects

release time:2023-10-12 10:20:24

recently, the kick-off meeting for a new joint project between dongfeng nissan and shougang was held at the dongfeng nissan technology center. it was attended by more than 50 people from the dongfeng nissan material purchasing and technology center, dongfeng nissan csp (centralized purchasing platform), beijing shougang co., ltd. (beijing shougang), shougang jingtang united iron & steel co., ltd., shougang research institute of technology and other enterprises and departments.

in order to explore a more efficient, integrated and synergistic mode of cooperation, shougang has increased its cooperation with dongfeng nissan and related shearing centers and parts suppliers. in 2023, a number of joint projects were carried out in four aspects: communication expansion, r&d certification, technical cost reduction and service enhancement.

beijing shougang and dongfeng nissan first achieved supply cooperation in 2017. beijing shougang has always practiced the concept of "manufacturing plus service" and continuously improved its competitiveness around qcdds. the cooperation between the two sides has gradually deepened, with increasingly integrated interactions and exchanges. since the start of their cooperation, beijing shougang has been deeply involved in the early intervention of a new venucia evi model and actively carried out localization projects, thereby demonstrating the technical strength of shougang's automotive plates, providing shougang's solutions for customers in localized production and technical cost reduction, and achieving a win-win situation.

in recent years, beijing shougang and dongfeng nissan have actively carried out "shougang day" events and "tm" meetings. they have promoted the new products and technologies of shougang, deepened their technical and commercial cooperation, advanced the development of shougang's automotive plate products to high strength and lightweight varieties, and promoted shougang's automotive plates overseas for cooperation with multiple brands. beijing shougang has become the supplier of a full range of automotive steel for dongfeng nissan, including cold-galvanized, pickled and electrical steel. in addition, beijing shougang has made comprehensive progress in such aspects as excellent quality, guaranteed production and supply, and continuous innovation and improvement, and its performance as a supplier has improved year by year. in 2022, shougang won the "dongfeng nissan best marketing partner award" and "dongfeng nissan csp outstanding contribution award".


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