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shougang fund wins outstanding social responsibility award in china’s equity investment industry

release time:2022-02-24 10:29:53

recently, the global pe forum was held in shougang park, beijing, at which the list of china’s pe/vc industry in 2020–2021 was issued. the shougang fund was awarded the outstanding social responsibility award in china’s equity investment industry, and selected as one of the top 20 private equity firms in china.

since 2014, the global pe forum has jointly organized “china’s pe/vc industry selection” with various local associations. since 2016, it has cooperated with caixin insight to create the grandest and most professional selection in the industry, aiming to create an authoritative list for the industry and encourage and reward institutions and individuals with outstanding achievements in the pe/vc industry.

in a statement on its reasons for presenting the shougang fund with the outstanding social responsibility award, the forum’s organizing committee said, “in line with the national sustainable development guidelines and policies, the shougang fund has taken a number of measures and actions to fulfill its environmental protection responsibilities. in terms of travel investment, new energy industry investment and infrastructure real estate fund management, the shougang fund has placed great emphasis on sustainable development.” on may 31st, 2021, shougang’s green energy reits project, the first public offering reits pilot project of solid waste treatment assets in china led by the shougang fund, was launched. adopting the advanced design concept of “green, environmental protection and innovation”, it is an environmental protection project integrating harmless waste treatment, reduction treatment and renewable energy generation. at the same time, following the issuance of the reits, the original stakeholders will raise funds to invest in the construction of new projects of the same type, thereby realizing green and sustainable development, and contributing to the completion of china’s emission reduction targets of achieving peak carbon and carbon neutrality as scheduled.

at the global pe forum, the shougang fund, hopu investment, hony capital, cpe and the u.s.-sino green fund, as the first member institutions, jointly launched an initiative to encourage investment institutions to practice “sustainable investment for the future”, shoulder goal-oriented social responsibilities while achieving growth and development, invest in innovative projects dedicated to solving environmental and social problems such as environmental protection, agriculture, medical care, health, education, etc. through patient long-term efforts, invest in technological innovation, follow esg, green and sustainable standards when making investment decisions, and take responsibility and contribute wisdom and strength to the “dual carbon goals” and sustainable development. the shougang fund will continue to use green finance to serve the real economy in the long term, and make greater contributions to achieving “carbon neutrality”, technological innovation and the transformation of traditional industries.

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