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shougang successfully achieves 2021 carbon emission management target in beijing

release time:2022-02-07 09:34:18

strengthening carbon emission management and optimizing market-based control is an institutional innovation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote green and low-carbon development. led by the shougang park management department, the shougang group, as a key carbon emission unit in beijing, has made remarkable achievements in carbon emission management in the capital according to the deployments of the city and the group on strengthening carbon emission management. since the beginning of this year, shougang has strictly implemented the requirements of the notice of the beijing municipal ecology and environment bureau on key carbon emission unit management and trials for trading carbon emission rights in 2021. with a heightened sense of responsibility and careful organization, shougang has successfully completed the co2 emission report and monitoring plan submission, third-party verification, quota implementation and trading in beijing, etc., earnestly fulfilled its social responsibility and established the good image of state-owned enterprises.

the carbon emission verification scope includes direct or indirect co2 emissions caused by fixed facilities in beijing. in order to complete the carbon emission performance report, the shougang park management department strengthened its sense of responsibility, organized related units in beijing to seriously study, publicize and implement the relevant laws and policies of beijing on carbon emission permit trading, and guided beijing shougang park comprehensive service co., ltd., the technology institute, talent development institute and other units to shoulder their responsibilities along with the ministry of safety and environmental protection. according to the division of responsibilities, they all closely cooperated and coordinated to promote the work of the “three checks”: 1) check all information (e.g., basic information) within the verification boundary to confirm the carbon emission boundary and identify carbon emission sources; 2) check the carbon emission data of enterprises such as carbon emission equipment information, co2 emissions, energy consumption, co2 control measures, etc., and sort out and submit materials such as the basic management ledger of energy use, energy consumption data, measurement and monitoring, original vouchers, etc., in a timely manner; 3) check third parties on site to ensure that shougang beijing can complete all tasks such as the carbon emission report, verification and performance in 2021 on time and with good quality.

to further manage the existing carbon quota stock assets of shougang in beijing, the shougang park management department organizes professionals to actively study new concepts and policies such as carbon asset management, thereby ensuring that shougang has secure carbon asset stock and striving to maximize the value of its surplus carbon assets. since the beginning of this year, the communication mechanism of key carbon emission units within the shougang group established by the ministry of safety and environmental protection has contributed to the agreed transfer of 29,000 tons of carbon quota to shougang cold rolling, bwi and beiye. as such, the performance requirements of these units were met, and the expected profits of over rmb 1.7 million were generated.

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