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m11 winter olympic branch line enters “scheduled” trial operation, and new shougang station to be opened by end of year

release time:2021-12-30 09:43:03

at present, the western section of  beijing metro line m11 (winter olympics branch line) has entered “scheduled” trial operation. on november 15th, reporters visited new shougang station on line m11 and saw constructors working on decoration and guardrail installation, and workers in the station debugging and cleaning.

the main structure of new shougang station and the decoration of its platform have been completed, and the four exits are 80% completed, according to liu qi, deputy director of the engineering department of civil construction bid package no. 03 of beijing metro line 11 (winter olympics branch line). at present, the western section of line m11 has been handed over to the relevant metro operation units, and the project has enteredscheduled” trial operation.

it is reported that such “scheduled” trial operation allows a metro train to run along the entire line according to its operation schedule and route map before its official operation. during “scheduled” trial operation, key indicators such as the rate at which the train runs according to the route map, on-schedule rate, service reliability, failure rate of the train deviating from the normal route, vehicle system failure rate, signal system failure rate, power supply system failure rate and platform door failure rate are tested and examined. the launch of this “scheduled” trial operation also marks that the western section of line m11 has entered the final stage before its official operation. according to the plan, it will be completed and accepted on december 25th, and officially put into operation before the end of this year, providing service support for the 2022 winter olympics.

according to guo weiwei, project technology director of the shougang first construction engineering branch, shougang is responsible for the construction of a garage on the second underground floor, a commercial area on the first underground floor and a darning workshop aboveground. from march to april of this year, shougang cooperated with the metro side and entered the construction site as an agent to build the exit on the second underground floor of the station. in order to ensure that the western section is opened on time before the end of the year, shougang will complete the decoration of the entrance and exit as soon as possible, and construct a temporary guide road around the construction site which connects chang’an avenue with the east extension of qunming lake south road, thereby facilitating public access to the winter olympic venue.

line m11 is an east-west auxiliary line in the south of central beijing. the phase i project (jinding street station to yangqiao station) runs from the moshikou area in shijingshan to yangqiao in fengtai district, with a length of about 28 km, and connects three transportation hubs: beijing west railway station, lize city terminal of the new airport and beijing south railway station.

in order to meet the needs of large passenger flow during and after the winter olympic games, the western section of line m11 will be implemented in advance. the section has a length of about 4.2 km and an average distance of 0.97 km between stations, and is entirely underground. there are four stations in total, namely new shougang station, beixin’an station, jin'anqiao station and moshikou station, including two transfer stations: transfer to beijing metro line 6 and beijing medium and low speed maglev demonstration line s1 at jin’anqiao station, and transfer to line r1 at new shougang station.

the western section of line m11 connects the five functional areas of the north zone of shougang park, giving it great significance for supporting the construction of the north zone and solving traffic problems. shougang ski jump platform of the beijing winter olympics 2022 is located in the north zone. after being put into operation, the new line will effectively solve the inconvenient traffic connections around the venue and better serve the beijing winter olympics.

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