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shougang plate is used in the construction of the xiong’an high-speed railway station

release time:2021-04-22 09:08:00

a few days ago, the beijing-xiong’an intercity railway was officially put into operation. as the first major infrastructure project in the xiong’an new area, xiong’an station has great significance in promoting the coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region. as a pioneer of the coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, shougang actively plays the exemplary and leading role as a large state-owned enterprise, fully utilizing its advantages, and making diligent effort to contribute to the construction. shougang’s high-strength medium thickness plate and aluminized zinc plate inject high-speed energy into the construction of the xiong’an high-speed railway station.

xiong’an station, with a total construction area of 475,200 square meters, is the largest high-speed railway station in asia at present. in march 2019, shougang and china construction steel structure (tianjin) co., ltd. reached a long-term business and technical cooperation agreement for the provision of high-strength structural steel to the xiong’an new area high-speed railway station project. for high-end products such as q345gj, q390gj and q460gj needed for this project, shougang made use of its evi advantages and jointly promoted the application of welding high-strength and high-performance structural steel technology with the china architecture design and research institute. shougang q460gjd high-strength steel, light in weight and with small space requirements, was the steel with the highest strength grade for structural use at that time. it was used in transfer-story steel columns at the bearing rail layer, canopy steel columns, and other parts for xiong’an station. the xiong’an station has a rare seismic strength of grade 8.5. it is not easy to “tame” such a thick steel structure constructed with high-strength steel. after deciding to choose shougang q460gjd as the steel column material, shougang’s service team organized experts and technical experts to form a special technical team immediately. after obtaining a large amount of test data, the team decided to replace normalized delivery state with tmcp delivery state, effectively solving the user’s welding issues. thanks to the many welding simulations conducted by shougang and china construction steel structure, the steel structure completely conforms to the special technical requirements of the project. with the goal of serving the national strategy and contributing to the millennium plan, shougang’s service team made every effort to guarantee the construction of the xiong’an new area, with its accumulative supply of medium and thick plates for xiong’an new area accounting for nearly 50% of the total project demand.

in may 2020, shougang conducted in-depth negotiations with the engineering unit on production line capacity, quality assurance, delivery cycle, logistics advantages, product advantages, marketing strategies, etc. in the end, the engineering unit decided to use shougang thick coating aluminum-zinc products of high-strength structure for the construction of the high-speed railway station roof system.

after receiving the official order at the end of may, shougang’s service team made comprehensive plans and planned ahead, setting the standard of “100% guaranteed quality and quantity”, using “shougang speed” to ensure “xiong’an speed” and “shougang brand” and to create “xiong’an quality”. faced with the difficulties brought by strict pandemic control, tight delivery time and stringent quality requirements, the coated plate sale office, following user requirements and contract needs, promptly brought together the contract planning office, cold plate service office, jingtang manufacturing department, and color coating business division to fully understand the requirements for material use, performance, and plate shape, as well as to actively coordinate related production lines to make preparations to fulfill production orders, clarifying process control key points, and developing plans to ensure supply. in the end, shougang achieved a high-standard delivery of goods. the first batch of materials was delivered to customers on june 13, more than 10 days ahead of the agreed delivery date, which won strong affirmation from users and served as a great example for the promotion and use of aluminized zinc products in national large-scale public construction projects.

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