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zhang jiaxiang, qin junbiao named national advanced individual in poverty alleviation

release time:2021-03-12 09:29:13

on february 25, the national poverty alleviation summary and commendation conference was held in the great hall of the people in beijing. the conference commended advanced individuals and collectives who made outstanding contributions to poverty eradication. zhang jiaxiang and qin junbiao from shougang group were named national advanced individuals in poverty alleviation.

zhang jiaxiang is the director of the central physical and chemical office of the manufacturing management department of shuicheng iron & steel. in april 2016, designated by the state owned assets supervision and administration commission (sasac) of guizhou province, he became the first secretary of hailuo village, baohua township, shuicheng district, liupanshui city. since he assumed office, zhang jiaxiang has regarded himself as a member of hailuo village, conscientiously performing his duties in unity with the villages and leading the two committees of the village branch and working group to passionately work on behalf of the people. he “kept in mind the original intention and mission”, implementing a targeted poverty alleviation strategy with the spirit of “enterprise serving society”. he devoted himself wholeheartedly to the poverty alleviation work in hailuo village.

as the first secretary in hailuo village, zhang jiaxiang always promoted the cpc's principles and policies supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers; he led his team and group to help build strong grass-roots organizations; he competed for funds and searched for projects to help promote economic development; he improved industry to promote poverty alleviation, and helped to promote targeted poverty alleviation; and he focused on details to make up for weaknesses and serve the people. at present, every household in hailuo village has tap water and all roads and home courtyards in the village have been paved with cement. in addition, through the mode of "company supporting unit cooperative farmer", zhang jiaxiang led the villagers in growing strawberries, pinellia ternata, morchella, etc., to earn money through land and labor dividends.

zhang jiaxiang's work in the village is highly regarded by organizations at all levels as well as the cadres and people of hailuo village. he was included in the "guizhou poverty alleviation hero list" and awarded the title of "guizhou poverty alleviation talents-expert technician" in 2017. in 2019, he won the title of advanced individual of national unity in guizhou province. that same year, he won the title of model labor of shougang group. mainstream media and websites, such as people.cn, xinhuanet.com, china.com, chinanews.com, china comment, guizhou daily, and guizhou tv published his deeds one after another. reports such as "the first secretary planting his 'heart' in hailuo"," "'iron man' turns into 'peasant man'" and "he rushes through the mountains of hailuo" were met with positive responses from the public.

"i have no flowery words, just gratitude and endeavor!" said zhang jiaxiang, a national advanced individual in poverty alleviation in china. "i have worked at shuigang for nearly 40 years. it is my honor to participate in this great and arduous poverty alleviation campaign. serving the people is the duty and obligation of a communist party member. during my five years in hailuo village, i did what i could do. i am very excited to be awarded this honor. it is not only an honor, but also an important task. i will try hard to promote the effective connection between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization to make greater contributions to better life for the people and better home construction."

qin junbiao, deputy director of the special topic office of shougang news center, was seconded to the sasac of beijing municipality for the work of poverty alleviation. qin junbiao conscientiously implemented the decisions and deployment of the beijing municipal party committee and beijing municipal government. under the leadership of the sasac of beijing municipality, qin junbiao made great efforts to work on poverty alleviation, completed various tasks with excellence, and made outstanding achievements, being awarded the "beijing poverty alleviation cooperation award" (outstanding contribution award) in 2019.

qin junbiao always devoted himself to poverty alleviation with enthusiasm and high spirits. he played a vanguard and exemplary role as a party member, actively connected with recipient areas, and became the "intermediary" between municipal state-owned enterprises and recipient areas. he helped enterprises to connect with various issues of industrial poverty alleviation, employment poverty alleviation, consumption poverty alleviation, public welfare poverty alleviation, and education poverty alleviation, and solved the problem of enterprises' lack of support for poverty alleviation due to unfamiliarity with recipient areas, laying a solid foundation for enterprises to carry out all kinds of poverty alleviation work. qin junbiao fulfilled his mission and resolutely implemented the decisions and deployment of the municipal sasac and the party committee. in 2020, he focused on coordinating and promoting seven poverty alleviation projects in systematic industries, with an investment of 1.48 billion yuan, lifting 1,095 people out of poverty. qin junbiao played the leading role as a party member and helped shougang technician college recruit poor students from zhangjiakou and baoding, hebei province, granting "free tuition and guaranteed employment". he also coordinated and innovated employment and poverty alleviation methods, and promoted the recruiting of 121 poor college students to municipal state-owned enterprises from pairing assistance receiving areas. he guided enterprises to connect with luopu and moyu counties, donate 30 million yuan of money and goods, and purchase more than 3 million yuan of unmarketable agricultural products, helping the two counties shake off poverty. he also focused on the severe problems of "two no worries and three guarantees", supplemented the shortcomings of basic education, and coordinated and guided enterprises to accurately assist two poverty-stricken primary schools, with a donation of more than 1 million yuan. finally, he established and promoted the "five exemptions and one insurance" education poverty alleviation model, helping to recruit 78 poverty-stricken students. in order to tell the stories of poverty alleviation work done by state-owned enterprises, he conducted in-depth research on poverty alleviation, summarized a number of experiences and practices exemplifying the characteristics of state-owned enterprises in beijing able to be popularized and copied, and wrote more than 20 typical experiences. more than 30 poverty alleviation reports of his have been published in central and municipal media.

qin junbiao, a national advanced individual in poverty alleviation, said: "as a poverty alleviation cadre of one of the capital's state-owned enterprises, i feel extremely honored to participate in this great cause. i will take this as a motivation to further consolidate existing poverty alleviation, look for new chances to help carry out industrial projects and good consumer assistance, and solve the big problems of 'two no worries and three guarantees'. i'll try my best to develop rural areas and work for pairing assistance areas so as to facilitate beijing's state-owned enterprises in making their due contributions. "

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