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mining corporation of shougang group co., ltd. rated as a "literary enterprise" in beijing

release time:2021-02-17 14:59:07

on december 8, the grand reading ceremony for the 10th beijing reading festival was held at chaoyang cultural center, beijing, during which a total of ten beijing enterprises were rated as "literary enterprises" in beijing, including the mining corporation of shougang group co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shougang mining company"). 

under the guidance of the corporate culture department (publicity department of the party committee) of shougang group, shougang mining company successfully passed primary selection (40 out of 200 ), semi-final (20 out of 40) and final (10 out of 20), won 190,000 votes online, passed the expert review, and was eventually rated as one of the "literary enterprises" in beijing. 

wu shulin, executive vice chairman of the publishers association of china, attended the ceremony. cheng xiaolong, head of the audio & video electronics division of the publication bureau under the publicity department of the cpc central committee, and wang yefei, deputy head of publicity department of cpc beijing municipal committee and director of beijing municipal bureau of press and publication, made speeches successively. nearly 500 people participated in the event, including leaders from member organizations of the beijing reading festival and from party committees' publicity departments and cultural and tourism bureaus of the 16 1 districts of beijing, more than 100 famous scholars and representatives from those previously rated as "literary enterprises" in beijing, as well as representatives from cultural creativity organizations, reading clubs, publishing agencies, libraries, special reading spaces, the media, primary and middle schools, colleges and universities, and some brother provinces and cities. 

over the years, shougang mining company has persisted in developing corporate culture, education, and training, actively promoted the building of a "literary source of iron", and carried out normal and branded reading activities. 

efforts have been made to carry on the spirit of shougang, carry forward the tradition of "hard work, strict management, constant self-improvement, and serving the overall interests" among mines, and deeply develop the "iron source culture" with mine characteristics. a series of books have been successively published, including iron source memory and craftsmen in mines. the "iron source culture" was sorted systematically, and five major cultural systems have been formed, namely, the spirit culture of "how yukong moved mountains", the material culture of constant self-improvement, the behavior culture of hard work, the institutional culture of strict management, and the culture of the harmonious and beautiful home. in addition, efforts have been made to establish a mining culture center, create an independently written, directed and performed large-scale historical play titled "iron source memory", publish a corporate culture manual, and provide powerful ideological leadership and intellectual impetus for corporate reform, development, and core competitiveness improvement. 

the "iron source culture" has been being promoted among workshops, teams, communities, and campuses. the company established a reading corner for each team. the company regularly carries out innovative practice activities themed with innovative team building, little teacher, small lecture room, etc. these teams also conduct their respective literary activities. in such a context, employees experience simultaneous improvement in skills. in communities, the reading rooms are open all year round, and there are also public-welfare lecture halls, reading parties, psychological guidance, and other relevant activities. campuses are full of the sound of reading; and outside campuses, students also read books accompanied by their parents. in addition, efforts are made to carry out lecture hall, party members' theme activities, themed training classes, and other relevant activities, to learn theories and classics, and promote improvement. efforts are also made to develop innovative reading forms, facilitate digital reading, and hold "online reading parties" during the pandemic. 

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