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welcome to the snow and ice convergence at shougang park

release time:2021-01-15 12:23:42

nothing is more beautiful than snow and ice in winter. in order to develop its function as a park that pushes the limits, the sports center of shougang park used artificial snowmaking to create a world of ice and snow there this winter. the snow and ice convergence at shougang park, a part of the shijingshan 2020 "snow & ice carnival", will kick off there. visitors will have a chance to participate in more than 10 snow games and experience the childlike innocence and happiness that snow and ice bring. 

the snow and ice convergence at shougang park covers an area of around 3,800 square meters. there are not only games for children (such as snow-circle giant slalom, super zorb ball, brave collision, snowfield battle, snowfield architect, and free snow play tribe), but also popular, challenging and exciting games for young people (including a snowboard park). when they are tired, visitors can eat hot specialty foods at the market there. every visitor will have fun in this world of ice and snow. for the snow and ice convergence, there is another highlight — a free snow playground specially designed for infants and young children — that can meet family entertainment needs. 

this event was held in response to the "300 million people participate in winter sports" and winter sports games in campuses, authorities, troops, factories and mines, countryside, communities, homes, etc. and in order to fully mobilize all sectors of society and use "snow and ice convergence at shougang park" as a carrier to attract more people to experience the charm and fun of winter sports. meanwhile, the snow and ice convergence at shougang park will be built as a snow & ice park landmark and an internet-famous site in shijingshan district, to rapidly bring winter sports and the public together and improve the popularity and reputation of shougang park. 

shougang employees who won the titles of "model worker in china", "model worker in beijing" or "model worker in shougang group", as well as shougang's young people who won relevant honors from the chinese communist youth league and its beijing committee will be invited to experience snow games in the snow and ice convergence at shougang park for free with relevant effective certificates on december 26 and 27. 

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