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main structure of shougang park’s shangri-la hotel capped

release time:2020-12-01 08:56:51

on june 30, with the completion of the capping work of building b of shougang park’s shangri-la hotel project, the project successfully completed the capping of the main structure and fully entered the interior decoration stage.

the shangri-la hotel project in shougang park is one of the “official reception hotels for the beijing 2022 winter olympic games”, located in the original position of the shougang electric power plant, which is one of the supporting projects being renovated based on the old power plant. the project consists of three structures, building a, building b and building c. it is understood that building a and building b are formerly the main workshop of shougang’s self-provided thermal power station, and the main body of the original workshop of building a is a single-story factory building. the main space of the original workshop is now renovated and used as the hotel lobby. there are evacuation walkways on the second floor. in the design, the original structural framework and three sets of internal turbo-generator foundations are retained to create a lobby space with industrial characteristics. building b is reconstructed from the original building after demolition and will be used as a supporting facility for the hotel. among them, a swimming pool, restaurant, sports fitness hall and other functional rooms are set in building b. the banquet hall and group entrance are located on the north side of building b, and the banquet hall is located on the third floor of building b. building c is a new building, and will be used as the hotel room building.

the project was gradually resumed on march 3 and fully resumed on april 15. in light of the impact of the epidemic, the shougang construction investment co., ltd., shougang construction group and other units have developed detailed construction plans, and taken various measures such as optimizing construction procedures and plans to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.

the shangri-la hotel project in shougang park will adopt a modern style and green sustainable concept while retaining the industrial remains and historical heritage of the site. lissoni, a well-known architectural design master from italy, was hired for the design to retain the original style of the thermal power plant as much as possible, which is rather industrial and distinctive. after completion, it will have its own style and vitality. the project is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2021 to provide a guarantee of high-quality service for the event’s reception in shougang park.

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