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group leaders extended their regards to officers and soldiers of the beijing garrison command

release time:2020-07-31 09:31:24

on july 27, on the eve of the “august 1” army day, the group leaders zhang gongyan, zhao min’ge, he wei, and hu xiongguang, alongside the leaders of the relevant departments came to the beijing garrison command to send festival greetings from shougang staff to army officers and soldiers of the people, and were warmly received by the main leaders of the beijing garrison command. the two sides exchanged views on topics of common concern.

during the forum, zhang gongyan expressed his holiday congratulations to the soldiers in the beijing garrison command. he introduced epidemic prevention and control, and the resumption of shougang’s work and production in the first half of the year, and the transformation and development, production and operation, park development, etc. of shougang in recent years. he also expressed his gratitude to the army for its help and support over the years. he hoped that both sides would further strengthen exchanges and jointly contribute to the development of the country.

zhang fandi, political commissar of the beijing garrison command, introduced the situation of epidemic prevention and resistance, etc. of the army in the garrison command. he expressed his gratitude to shougang for its contributions to army construction over the years. he believed that shougang would surely make greater achievements in the new era. he said: “the garrison command and shougang have had various exchanges and communication throughout this time, and we hope that both sides will continue to strengthen military-enterprise cooperation, consolidate friendship and seek common development.”

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