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shougang hospital medical team returns from designated covid-19 treatment hospital in shijingshan district

release time:2020-04-30 16:28:43

on march 23, in the bright spring sunshine, the first batch of medical staff from shougang hospital returned from the designated covid-19 treatment hospital in shijingshan district.

on the square in front of the inpatient building at shougang hospital, white magnolia flowers swayed with the spring breeze. doctor zhu weijing from the respiratory and critical care department, doctor xu yan from the endocrinology department, nurse zhang hui from the urology department and nurse huo lujing from ward 1 of the general surgery department, return with honor after 14 days of medical isolation under observation. family members and leaders from shougang hospital, including directors of various departments, sent them flowers and took photos together. in the crowd, they could not hide their emotions, and shed heroic tears. today, the flowers bloom for them.

"when the country is in trouble, everyone should do their duty!" zhu weijing's voice was powerful. he was the leader of the first batch of a medical team from shougang hospital to the designated covid-19 treatment hospital, having previously been involved in the battle against sars in 2003. zhu weijing was deeply moved as he spoke. "there was heavy snow on the day when we left. we went to support the designated hospital in shijingshan district under blizzard conditions. after more than a month of fighting in the front line, all the patients were cured and discharged, and none of the medical staff were infected. we are united in the fight against this epidemic!".

"my mom is really great. i hope to learn from her." a boy in a yellow hat hugged his mother. this was the first time xu yan had seen her son in the last 50 days. xu yan said, "i was one of the first batch sent out to support the designated hospital. i haven't been home for 50 days. there, i was responsible for patient history collection, medical records, and clinical work. i was very happy to see patients recovering.

as a medical worker and as a party member, i felt a strong sense of responsibility to go to the front line to contribute my own strength to defeat this epidemic."

on january 30, after receiving an assignment to build a new coronary pneumonia treatment designated hospital in shijingshan district, shougang hospital sent medical staff to the site to conduct a field inspection of the hospital's transformation. from february 5, three batches of medical staff from shougang hospital entered the designated hospital. during the crisis, it was these soldiers in white who joined the battle against the virus, regardless of the personal dangers. behind their tearful smiles, was the courage of having faced the crisis. from the letters written by these medical workers, in which they volunteer to join the fight against the virus until the very end, one can clearly feel the determination and desire felt by these men and women to step up and play their part. masks covered their faces, but they could not obscure the perseverance in their gaze. they finally realized their goal – all zeroes - and welcomed the blossoming spring.

according to bo tianhui from the medical affairs department of shougang hospital, shougang hospital's support medical teams entered the designated hospital in three batches, with a total of 21 medical staff. after nearly 50 days of fighting against the outbreak, the designated hospital in shijingshan district was successfully cleared, with all patients having been cured and discharged, as well as achieving zero infections among medical staff. other medical team members from shougang hospital will also return in batches after the observation period.

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