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release time:2017-03-29 16:38:13

the shougang group’s logo consists of the first letters of ‘shou’ and ‘gang’ in pinyin. as a whole, it seems to be in the starry sky, like a dynamic planet in the solar system. the ‘g’ resembles the earth full of vitality, while the ‘s’ is like an orbiting satellite. the logo implies that the century-old shougang group will develop in the long term and become a large comprehensive enterprise group with global influence; it implies that the shougang group will use its world vision and strategic thinking to build a brand-new capital operation platform, realizing the coordinated development of two leading industries (i.e., the steel industry and urban comprehensive service industry); it implies that the shougang group’s century of development has always been closely connected with the fate of the party and the nation, and that shougang will keep moving forward without forgetting its initial purpose, strengthen its self-construction to make greater contributions to the nation, create greater prosperity and bear the important tasks of the nation; it implies that the shougang group will adhere to the scientific development blueprint, use wise choices to create quality products, serve society and share the value; and it implies that shougang people will unite as one and work together to build a more beautiful future by adhering to the core values of ‘shougang services, shougang brands and shougang creation’.

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